A typical gas purification system combines unit operations that may include catalytic reaction and condensate separation, compression, and temperature swing adsorption (TSA), cryogenic distillation, separation, and cryogenic adsorption.  The specific selection of equipment depends on the composition of the feed gas and the product purity requirements.  CT's design experience includes purification of helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, natural gas, and argon. Each system is custom-designed and engineered by CT’s staff with extensive experience with both industrial-scale and laboratory cryogenic equipment. Our designs offer the following:

  • TSA technology which provides significantly lower process gas losses and less need for maintenance when compared to pressure swing adsorption (PSA) or membrane technology


  • Use of only industrial-grade compressors with proven reliable performance


  • Vacuum cold boxes used for cryogenic purification which provide superior heat loss and lower maintenance when compared to competing technologies


  • To the maximum extent practical, equipment is supplied as skidded units or pre-packaged cold boxes for ease of installation