Located in Allentown, PA, Cryo Technologies is a privately owned and operated company offering unique process equipment and systems at highly competitive prices to customers world-wide. Our staff represents over two-hundred (200) years of combined experience in the design and supply of engineered process systems.



  • Helium Liquefaction

  • Hydrogen Liquefaction

  • Cryogenic Purification - Helium & Hydrogen

  • Natural Gas Liquefaction

  • Helium Recycling

  • Nitrogen Liquefaction & Reliquefaction

  • Warm Gas Purification

  • Vacuum Insulated Piping & Distribution

  • Cold Gas Compression

  • Monomer Recovery



The skills set of Cryo Technologies' staff is second to none in the industry.  Our people possess extensive education, knowledge and experience in all engineering and design disciplines, including: process, mechanical, instrumentation and controls, safety, quality assurance and project management.

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