The skills set of the Cryo Technologies staff is second to none in the industry and represents over 200 years of combined experience in the design and supply of engineered process systems. Our people possess extensive education, knowledge, and experience in all engineering and design disciplines, including:  process, mechanical, instrumentation and controls, safety, quality assurance and project management. Our expertise in cryogenic helium and hydrogen technologies is unique among American companies. 

Mechanical Engineering & Design
  • Layout and design of process equipment and complete process facilities using AutoDesk AutoCAD / Inventor

  • P&ID and engineering flowsheet preparation in accordance with ISA Standards

  • Detailed engineering, design and fabrication/assembly drawing preparation for thermally efficient vacuum insulated cold boxes, dewars, and vacuum jacketed piping systems

  • Detailed engineering, design and fabrication/assembly drawing preparation for liquid helium cryostats and transfer lines utilizing low heat leak support systems, MLI and vapor/liquid shielding technology

  • Detailed engineering, design and fabrication/assembly drawing preparation for perlite/rockwool insulated cold boxes, warm process skids, ASME pressure vessels, heat exchangers, cryogenic valves, expansion engines, electronic and pneumatic control panels and other shop fabricated equipment

  • Detailed engineering, design and fabrication/assembly drawing preparation for field piping, spool drawings, piping supports, field wiring, conduit and conduit supports

  • Computerized stress analysis verification of all designs utilizing a commercial software package which includes finite element and piping stress analysis


Project Management
  • Total project management of cryogenic and gas processing equipment and system projects including turnkey process plant installations

  • Preparation of accurate cost estimates and capital budgets for process equipment and turnkey projects yielding competitive pricing and on or under budget project completion

  • Development of accurate project schedules and efficient coordination of all project activities including engineering, design, manufacturing, construction and startup resulting in timely project completion

  • Effective contract preparation, negotiation and administration with manufacturing subcontractors, equipment vendors and constructors assuring high value procurements and savings to the customer

Customer Service
  • A wide range of customer service options including drafting and engineering, start-up and commissioning, field maintenance, turn-key installation, operator training, plant upgrades and retrofits, process troubleshooting and debottlenecking

Electrical Engineering & Design
  • Electrical Engineering & Design Specification of starters, motor control centers (MCCs), and power transformation equipment

  • Power, control and instrument wiring/conduit design for shop fabricated process skids

  • Power, control and instrument wiring/conduit design for process plant field wiring

  • Experience with electrical requirements for hazardous areas per NEC and NFPA

Instrumentation & Controls
  • Design, programming, and testing of control systems including single and triple loop digital controllers, programmable logic controllers, and distributed control systems with operator interfaces for automatic and manual control of system operating parameters and sequences

  • Specification and purchasing of system valves, instrumentation, and controls - Creation of control panel fabrication drawings, wiring drawings, and preparation of control documentation


Process Design & Optimization
  • Automated design and optimization

  • Process development in a wide range of separation, purification, refrigeration, and liquefaction applications

  • Operating designs covering a range from pilot plants to world-class production

  • Full P&ID and engineering flowsheet development including control strategy, safety analysis, and relief valve analysis and sizing

  • Specialized equipment design including heat exchangers and distillation columns